Multi Currencies

Every nation in the world has its own currency. In modern times, for online or offline transactions Worldwide the function of multi currencies is used. This allows businesses to price Goods and Services in a variety of Foreign Services.

For instance, a Japanese consumer browsing a US-based web-site with MCP functionality may view prices in US dollars, or in Japanese Yen. The consumer is then given the option to pay in the currency of his or her choice. If the customer chooses to pay in Yen, this service guarantees that this exact Japanese yen amount will be debited to the cardholder account, and the exact US dollar amount will be credited to the merchant's account. The cardholder is not charged any additional fees for this service.

Softagz provides you with this functionality of multi currencies for wide array of services related to websites and helps you to take your company upon the next level.

Softagz multicurrency payment services help you with:

  • Ability to localize websites and expand to other regions
  • Cater to international customers by pricing in a currency they understand and feel more comfortable with, while continuing to receive settlement and reporting in one currency
  • Reduces customer service inquiries and chargebacks