Chat Module Integration

Customers today expect fast responses and quick resolutions. So the companies cannot just rely on average help desk software solutions. We at Softagz understands this need of our clients and hence we provide state-of-the-art customer service chat integration services. We utilize open source chat modules available in the market, selected specifically to suit our client's needs. Softagz provide chat module integration services to mid-market to enterprise organizations across major industries with the ability to centralize their customer service and support efforts. Our services also empowersour client to manage, resolve and respond to a high volume of service related issues acrossvariety of communication channels, including the growing number of service related conversations that are happening every day on social media and mobile devices

Softagz has catered to more than 700 businesses for their customer service chat solutions. We have team of dedicated developers who are experienced in integrating chat module application with your existing database.

We can also provide services to modify your existing chat module or integrate new chat module into your website:

  • Placing the chat button or text chat link to a fixed position on the browser window, making it visible when visitors scroll the page up and down. Vertical chat icons as well as the ones for top and bottom positions are available in the gallery.
  • Selecting own custom images for chat buttons
  • Applying HTML formatting to text chat links
  • Showing or hiding the chat button or link for specific menu items or single posts which open directly without being linked to Joomla menu.
  • Monitoring the whole website while hiding the chat button or link on specific pages