Quick Modules:

We make small modules which makes life easy for your day to day processes. Just to list few of them:

1. Payment gateways:
We have a comprehensive, affordable solution that integrates a quick way to accept credit cards with your store.Every website can integrate a payment gateway and thereby enhance its business by getting the payment in just few clicks. No matter which currency your customer is having, he still can get the benefit of placing the order for your product online.We can integrate any payment gateway available in the world like Paypal, Liqpay, CC Avenue, Payu, Airpay, 2CHECKOUT and many more.
Get in touch and we shall take care of rest of the thing.

2. Database to XML formats
You have data in your database and require it in different formats to generate reports or information then we can help you in getting it done. According to your needs we make an auto mated system thereby generating those reports or information in dynamic way not only once but forever.
There are various formats in whcih it could be done so get in touch now and understand it briefly.

3. HTML to pdf formats
You want to give a provision to download a report / bill / information / other stuffs in PDF format directly from your existing sotware / website then we can make that module for you once and thus avoiding lifetime of hurdels anymore.
This enables you to give a professional look for your customers as PDF reflects it and that too with a convinient way.

Contact us now if you have any of the above requirements or similar to it.