Answer: We bring the world to your business.It's the best advertising medium available today. A professional web site / ecommerce platform provides worldwide exposure of your business for a small initial investment as compared to other forms of advertising.Even if your business is local, most of your customers use or will be using Internet to search for products and services in their local area.The web site provides unlimited information about your company.The web site is a permanent promotional tool and provides your customers with easy, 24-hour access to your company whenever they need it. They can get quick answers to their questions,at their convenience.The web site can be a powerful marketing research tool. Through email and on-line forms,you can quickly identify new customers and the products and services they're looking for.

Answer: In today's world just think of automating everything at clicks. If you have a task in your daily business which is required frequently or daily then you can make a software which makes that automated everytime. You save time, cost on keeping an employee for that tedious task and above all an error free output which humans can make.Tell us your difficulties faced in day to day working of your business and we shall provide you with a solution which will delight you.

Answer: Cost for software / website depends on the size, complexity and requirements of each software / web site. The designing is on project basis.Special agreements are available for larger sites, non-profit, political, public service, charity and government organizations.Reasonably priced month to month routine software / web site maintenance and update agreements are available.Please fill in the Inquiry Form to get an estimate for your web based development requirement.

Answer: As far as designing is concerned if no changes are requested to be made there are no recurring cost for designing. Also, our company policy is very clear and all the costs are clearly mentioned. There are no hidden costs.

Answer: Yes, for each platform like Android, IOS, Windows and Blackberry an app is created. All are different platforms and has differnet versions too.We would advise you on this according to your requirement whether an app is indeed required and for which platform you should develop it.

Answer: Yes, we can either take over the maintenance of an existing site, or we can create an entirely new site at the client's discretion.

Answer: Yes, for a one time $35.00 set-up fee for each additional domain we can mirror your main web pages and mail system. This is a great way to expand the marketing of your present business.

Answer: Yes, you can. You should keep the service with your current provider while waiting for Softagz Technologies to complete the transfer process. We will provide you with a temporary IP address so you can mirror the site on our server. All web pages and e-mail will still be accessed from your current site. When Softagz Technologies announces the completion of the transfer you should contact your previous host to have them delete the old domain from their records and update their DNS record.

Answer: Yes, we can manage everything right from scratch and guide you what all you need to do so that your software / ecommerce platform is beneficial to you. Softagz Technologies is a one stop solution for your all kind of web based development.

Answer: Yes we do take development of small modules as per the requirement.