Content Management System

One of many areas where Softagz specialize in is Content Management Systems. We provide robust CMS services, where we get room to customize CMS content as per client's needs. Our fleet of adept CMS developers uses various platforms such as Joomla, WordPress, etc. so that they can provide end-to-end content management solution for our clients. Our customized CMS solutions are very much up to mark that it help our clients achieve good conversion rates from their potential website's visitors.

Some of the benefits offered through our customized DMS web development includes:

  • Updating website content without the help of a qualified technical programmer
  • Addition of web pages according to your choice
  • Complete control over your website where you can manage webpage elements such as pictures, graphics, video/audios, and text, in a manner that suits your business needs
  • The publishing time is reduced, as you don't have to face technical obstacles
  • We develop & optimize your website for search engines with the help of a robust CMS
  • You get better search facility, where the webpage or the content you are looking for is displayed quickly in front of you

We take pride in presenting ourselves as expert CMS web development company and offer solutions in following areas:

  • E-commerce/online shopping portals
  • Blog development and integration to achieve improved interaction with visitors
  • Forum/ Chat development for greater participation of the community
  • CMS development for social networking sites to support their end users interactions such as live chat, text
  • messaging, reviews, blogging and live feeds, etc.
  • Integration of multimedia features like audio/video/ 3D animation/ graphics to enhance user experience and bring about more business conversions