osCommerce add-on integration

Earlier known as osCommerce Contributions, osCommerceadd-ons are software code developed by osCommerce community to enhance or change the functionality of existing osCommerce product. The main feature of the osCommerce add-on is - it makes the core osCommerce independent of any swelled up functionality which the add-on may add to core. Instead add-on exist independently, which when requirement arises, can be used as an annexure to core osCommerce software. We at Softagz have developed wide range of osCommerce community contributions or add-ons.

Some of the categories of osCommerce add-ons or contributions are listed below:

  • Credit Modules
  • Features
  • Images
  • Info Boxes

  • Languages
  • Order Total Modules
  • Payment Modules
  • Reports

  • Shipping Modules
  • Templates and Themes
  • Zones

We at Softagz have excellent team of osCommerce developers, who are highly skilled and experienced at developing osCommerce community add-ons/contributions. Softagz has contributed to many Add Ons, but you won't see them on forums. Our osCommerce developers have individual authority whether to submit their developed add-ons to osCommerce community or not.

Pricing As Per Customer Groups:

Consider a scenario where your ECommerce website is receiving same frequent visitors at regular intervals. To keep them visiting your website, so you can have healthy business, you offer those visitors or customers discounts, loyalty rewards, purchase points etc. Also you want to offer these services to these selective customers only and not to all the customers. Softagz offers you a smart way of integrating this logic in your existing or new ECommerce website. Our team of ECommerce developers is well experienced and highly skilled in customization services, one of which is modifying pricing as per customer groups.

Some of features of pricing as per Customer groups are mentioned below:

  • You can update the prices of a particular customer group for all the products in bulk (you can specify the price for a customer group when editing the group and this price will be applied to all the products at once).
  • Bulk update of the prices of all products for particular customer group allows specifying fixed price, adds/deducts fixed or percentage number to the original products prices.
  • Extension supports Bundle and Configurable products.
  • You can specify its own price for every customer group per product level.
  • You can select which customer groups will have different price.
  • You can hide product price from not logged in visitors.
  • You can enable/disable the extension from the back-end.
  • Extension supports of percentage price type for configurable products.
  • Extension supports Tier Pricing.
  • Extension supports Layered Navigation Prices.
  • Extension works with unlimited number of products, customers, and customer groups.