Multi Language

A website is designed to serve its purpose locally or globally or both. A website is also made to cater to wide array of visitors may it be English speaking or any other regional or global visitors. This functionality requires website to be written in English or multiple languages (which is not feasible apart from English). So we use language translating APIs or libraries which make this task possible.Softagz provides you with the functionality of Multi Language for all your content on website.

With above mentioned functionality you can reach out to millions of people worldwide. This functionality is explained over here with following scenario:

Consider a Chinese customer browsing a Russian based website with functionality of Multi Language Programming the consumer is able to access the website in any language he is comfortable in - whether it be Chinese, English etc. While the Transaction takes place smoothly without any complication for the consumer, this functionality also doesn't charge any additional fees for the consumer.This helps your company to progress and reach various different global markets having different languages.