Open Source Development

Now-a-days web development scenario is changing with Open Source technologies emerging as its new face. With Open source software in hand, even enterprise functions are looking up towards web applications for doing its business. The growing presence of Open source software among developers community has resulted in creating stable solutions in IT industry.

Softagz is frontrunner in acquiring and building expertise in various open source technologies. We believe that practical, user friendly and substantial applications can be built using open source technologies. As open source technologies are freely available, building software applications with these technologies becomes a fairly attractive. With flourishing portfolio of open source technologies at Softagz, clients are always in the right hands for their application needs.

We take our role as a technology advisor to our clients seriously. We provide our client the technology and stage that will assure best solution in terms of usability, ease of long term maintenance and return on investment.

Softagz's open source technology offerings are:

  • Linux Operating Systems
  • Apache Server
  • MySQL
  • PHP Development
  • Joomla
  • Wordpress
  • Magento
  • OSCommerce