Social Network Gadgets

A website is aimed at advertising, marketing, enhancing the brand image or grab attention towards the business, blog, posts etc. In today's world, with flooding of ECommerce websites, blogs such as how-to, procedure oriented articles; it has become tough to get to wide array of internet population. Generally in online marketing, it is better to do fishing in those areas where the fish are. And fish are using social networks in large number. So it has become indispensible for online marketers to use social networks as their marketing medium. We at Softagz understand this tactic and have been implementing this for past 7 years.

For past 3 years, social network industry has revolutionized it footprint by introducing gadgets which can be placed on any websites and hence make websites noticed by internet population. We at Softagz have crafted various online marketing techniques by utilizing social network gadgets.

Softagz offers below mentionedtechniques which use social network gadgets for online marketing:

  • Sharing your website link on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and other social networks.
  • Adding social network buttons on your websites to Share particular webpage may it be blog, image, or video on social media.
  • Putting "Facebook Comment" or any other social network Comment widget on your website.
  • Putting social network "Like button" for products, services, blogs on your website..
  • Some of the social media buttons we use are Google+, Twitter's Tweet & Follow, Facebook 'Like' etc.
  • We can add any other available social media gadgets

Some of the places we recommend or place social buttons are:

  • Footer of your website and blog
  • Footer of your website and blog
  • In your newsletter
  • In your email signature
  • In your email signature